Experience a New KAMAKURA

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Kamakura enjoys a warm climate all year round. Kamakura
is one of Japan's leading tourist destinations, and is home to a large number of historical buildings,
including shrines and temples, and many other attractions such as celebrated restaurants and leisure spots.

HOTEL METROPOLITAN KAMAKURA has been designed on the theme "Experience a New KAMAKURA",
aimed at encouraging visitors to the area to stay the night and
discover all the attractions the ancient city of Kamakura has to offer.

With warm, sincere and professional service befitting The METROPOLITAN HOTEL brand,
a brand based on the concept of "Crossing comfort and vibrancy",
HOTEL METROPOLITAN KAMAKURA welcomes all our guests with heartfelt
hospitality to ensure their holiday is a memorable one.

Enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the hotel lobby under the refreshing breeze from the verandah

Here the transition from outside to inside is seamless. The verandah is a quintessential element of Japanese architectural design, blurring the boundary between the outside surroundings and interior to create a sense of harmony with the natural environment. To this essence, we have added a modern twist. The large floor to ceiling windows with a terrace that also serves as a verandah. The garden in the courtyard is brought into the lobby area, gently embracing the guest in an integrated space. The lobby interior furnished with spacious lounges and tables crafted from natural materials creates a sense of comfort, and the entire space with its refreshing breeze creates a sense of nostalgia. Enjoy a sense of comfort and relaxation like you were at home in your own living room.

12 different rooms to choose from to suit your style of travel

Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura offers a total of 12 different room types, from premium corner rooms that provide a taste of Kamakura with the view of the Tori gate of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine visible from the floor to ceiling windows, and spacious superior rooms with their characteristic raised seating area. Although simple in design, our range of guest rooms feature attention to detail and warm hospitality. Feel the excitement of travel with the comforts of home, in your home away from home in Kamakura.

Guest Rooms

Collaboration with MUJI’s first store in Kamakura

MUJI aims to serve as a platform to create a better relationship between people, people and society and people and nature through its products and services. The new Café & Meal MUJI and MUJIcom aim to serve as a place where everyone involved, including people from all over the world who visit Kamakura, those who live here and the producers who create the products and food sold within the store can think of one another, and come together to create new connections.

Café&Meal MUJI

Japanese Hospitality

To ensure that our guests enjoy a comfortable, restful stay,
the staff of the HOTEL METROPOLITAN KAMAKURA welcome our guests
with sincere hospitality throughout the hotel.
We believe that guest satisfaction is achieved through
the accumulation of many small considerate acts.
Brimming with the spirit of hospitality, our staff await our guests,
ready to offer comprehensive service at all times.

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TEL : +81-467-60-1250

1-8-1, Komachi, Kamakura-city, Kanagawa, 248-0006

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